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Cover art of the month which is a man falling into his own mind


Curated by Kieran O’Hearn

December20222h 11m
/imagine a man falling into his own mind
A man looks with diffent eyes from the each other


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Horizon 50

Horizon 50


Music for atmospheric singer-songwriter soundtrack enthusiasts. Discography: Forever and a Day 2022 Single, Made for Lovers 2020 Single, The Postcard Reads 2020 Single, Like Crazy 2020 Single, Get a Life 2018 Album.

Cüneyt Çakal

Cüneyt Çakal


Eskişehir-based musician and producer Cüneyt Çakal has started making music in his style with his first band called MilkyWave. He continues producing music with various musicians and bands.

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