Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start using Flowium?

Flowium isn't released yet. Flowium is an Spotify application. When it's ready you will be able log in with your Spotify Premium account.

Is Flowium free to use?

Yes. Spending time on Flowium is completely free on the other hand you need a Spotify Premium account to stream music.

How do I send a playlist to Flowium Originals?

Please follow the steps on our playlist submission form.

How do I submit an illustration to Flowium Originals?

Please follow the steps on our illustration submission form.

Where do the songs I like on Flowium go?

Flowium is a platform affiliated with Spotify. After logging in with your Spotify Premium account, you can find every song you like on this platform in the "Liked Songs" section of your Spotify library.

Can I adjust the sound quality of the songs I listen to in Flowium?

In Flowium, the sound quality setting is linked to your Spotify Premium account. The settings changes you make in your account will directly affect the experience you will have here. 

Can I listen to my playlists on other platforms through Flowium?

Well, you can start listening Originals playlists from our Spotify and Youtube, we keep them up to date. Selections Playlists can't be listened because of it's nature and these playlists will only be available on our app.

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